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Utilize our team of specialists to create your unique custom formulations. Our proven development process includes product formulation, regulatory review, component sourcing, quality checks, and so much more. 

Phases of Development

Woman employee of Canyonside Labs working on a computer at Work


Lab worker measuring ingredients on a precision scale


Canyonside Labs employees in front of a large holding tank


Multiple bottles of a liquid supplement being assembled by Canyonside Lab employees


Our Proven Process


During the concept phase of developing your custom formulation, you will work with our team to brainstorm and finalize your unique product specifications. We will help you determine the right ingredients, delivery method, and dosing for your specific needs.  


Once your specifications are determined, the formulation process begins. Our in-house formulating chemist will work diligently to create a product that meets your needs. Our business relations team will be there to support and communicate every step of the way. 


During the pilot phase, your concept and formulation are put to the test which may include flavor testing, stability testing, and pilot runs. This testing ensures that your product meets quality expectations during the scale up procedure. 


Once your formula is fully vetted and approved by you, manufacturing begins. Your product is first blended to ensure homogeneity and then moves to the appropriate area for your selected delivery system. From there it proceeds through our packaging area and we prepare for shipment. Our in-house formulating chemist and quality team will be there every step of the way to ensure that the manufactured product meets your pre-determined specifications. 

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